Resources – First Aid

Editors’ Note: While we are on Winter Break here at Adult Academy we want to share some outside resources that might be useful. This week are some First Aid Resources. Look for us to be back with new content Starting January 15th.

There are many sources and resources for acquiring the abilities we need to assure our Acute Needs. We offer some here for all mentors following along. Our First-Aid topics are geared around “hurry cases” – Stopped Breathing, Severe Bleeding, Heart Attack, Stroke, Ingested Poison, and Shock. The hurry cases selected are those that pose immediate risk to life or limb, or are likely to bring about a life or limb threatening situation if not treated.

First-Aid for Drowning/Near Drowning

First-Aid for Choking

First-Aid for Severe Bleeding

First-Aid for Heart Attack

First-Aid for Stroke

First-Aid for Ingest Poison

First-Aid for Shock

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