Be Better

Adult Academy is about being better.

Being better parents, better mentors, better people in the world. It’s easy to complain about how everything is going to hell. It’s easy to say that kids don’t know how to have a conversation. It’s easy to say that we are so focused on our devices – or the fact that we are constantly working to make ends-meat – that we don’t know our neighbors. What’s difficult to do is step back from those pressures and distractions and do the work that it takes to be better.

There is no easy answer to these challenges. Making a difference in our lives and the lives of those we care about requires setting aside the distractions, the uncertainty, and the fear and doing the work.

As we like to say: It’s not Magic.

My challenge to you is this: today make a choice to do one thing different. Do one thing you have been avoiding that will make your life better. It can be anything.

  • Set an alert on your phone to put the electronics down an hour before bed and read.
  • Make dinner or the ride home from practice a time to play “two fact’s one fiction” with your kids.1
  • Join a gym2 or try out a short workout at home.

It almost doesn’t matter what you try, as long as you are trying something new today that will help you be better tomorrow.

  1. You have your kids tell you two facts and one fictional thing about their day and you have to guess the fiction
  2. We recommend No Filter Fitness.

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