Adult Academy is two things.

First, we are an educational tool. We conduct fitness training. We mentor clients and organizations in the skills needed to achieve greatness. We create and publish articles, videos, and a podcast. We publish the Fire Service Warrior website and YouTube Pages. The aim of those domains – and the labor that goes into creating and delivering them – is to achieve our mission of making the world a better place. Our content also includes a more extensive curriculum of instruction – long form articles, essays, and instructional videos in which we dive deeply into specific topics, workshops where we develop specific skills and abilities, and direct mentoring/coaching provided to individuals, groups, and organizations. That is where we come to the second thing Adult Academy is.

Second, we are a business. The long and the short of it is that we want to be able to pay our bills and feed our families.1 by providing this content. Society operates on a model in which individuals exchange labor for capital2 which they then exchange for stuff – like housing and food. The model of exchanging our labor for money to obtain stuff is – at best – an imperfect system, and at worst an exploitive one. However, it is the operating paradigm and we are – if we want to feed our families doing this work – forced to operate within the system to some degree.

There arises between these two facets – the educational and the business – a tension. On a lot of levels, we both believe that information should be free. We believe that no one should be denied access to knowledge because of their inability to pay someone for it. And yet Wells Fargo expects us to make our mortgage payments and the grocery store isn’t giving away ground beef. So, we try to strike a balance.

We offer a whole lot of content, that is totally free. Our basic skills videos and articles, as well as the podcast, do not and will never live behind a paywall. This means that regardless of your ability or desire to support our business financially we offer essential information that can – we hope – light the fuse for you to do your own deeper learning.3 The more extensive curriculum – our long form content, workshops, and direct mentoring – are paid services. It’s our members, workshop attendees, and clients who provide us with the financial capital we need to do this work.

We are starting this business with little more than a philosophical framework, the practical skills we have developed over the course of years, and a willingness to do the work of getting that content into the world. We aren’t capitalizing this with vats of cash4 or with Debt.5 That means we need the support of people who think the work we are doing is important; people who find the work valuable for themselves or who think the work is valuable for the world.

TL;DR Version:
We need your support! Watch our YouTube Videos, share our videos on Facebook, buy a T-Shirt, come train at No Filter Fitness, and check out our Patreon!

We would like your help. Can you do one (or more) of these things for us?

Come train with us! The best way to support what we do is for us to work together. Come join No Filter Fitness in person or use our remote coaching. We support you in achieving your goals and you support us in furthering our mission.  Email us for more info!

• Support us through Patreon! We have a Patreon page for the Fire Service Warrior side of the house, but the members only content we provide there includes a lot of information on Fitness, Mental Toughness, and Decision Making Skills.

Buy a T-Shirt, Book, or a Sticker. Everyone needs a T-Shirt! The products you buy from us help support or mission and spread the word.

• Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and WATCH THE VIDEOS.6 We hope you will sit down and watch every video with rapt attention, then like, comment, and share the videos on social media (posting them to your Facebook page is a HUGE help). That is how you can help us build our audience.7

We thank you for your support. It is only with the help of people like you that we that we can achieve our mission.

  1. They have all grown quite fond of food it seems.
  2. Capital can be money, but it can also be other methods of exchange, like social capital.
  3. A library card, an internet connection, and a willingness to learn are the bare bones requirements.
  4. We don’t have them.
  5. Our business motto is “Earn It.”
  6. Watch time is the single most important factor in YouTube’s algorithm. The more people watch the more likely YouTube will feature our content to people who don’t already know us.
  7. When someone comes to our channel or website because of something you shared you are exchanging social capital for our labor. See! It’s not just financial capital that matters!