#NoFilterFitness is our program for delivering in-person fitness and performance training, and remote coaching and programing. Our principal practice is at a private location on the SouthWest side of Chicago.

Train With Us

We have three options (currently) for in-person training.
First – Personal Training
Second – Small Group Instruction
Third – Group Training

Our classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The other days of the week are REST days. The single biggest factor that limits people’s growth, increases their risk of injury, or make’s training unsustainable is a lack of REST. The biological fact of strength and conditioning is that we do not get stronger by training, we get stronger by resting (after training). Hence we place a premium on rest.

All of our classes offer things normally found in Division 1 Collegiate and Professional Athletic Strength & Conditioning Programs: a personalized training plan tailored to your goals, access to a customized fitness prescription and tracking software, and video assessment tools and feedback. When you start training with Adult Academy we conduct a FREE week long (four session) assessment of your skills and ask you to identify goals for your training. Based on your capabilities and your goals we suggest one of our three training options and craft a customized program for YOU. Our coaches use proven training templates to develop Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, and a host of other fitness skills, but those templates are modified to help YOU meet YOUR goals. Then, when you show up for class your program can be accessed from your smart phone or tablet. You track your workout and your coaches can access that data. This tool includes daily surveys on your rest, wellness, and fatigue to help your coach modify your program based on what is happening in your life. All of this attention to the individual athlete is something normally found ONLY in a personal training environment or high-level (read well funded) scholastic and professional Strength and Conditioning Programs. We make that level of investment in all of our athletes.

After your assessment and goal setting discussion you can pursue your program via three options:

Personal Training is a one on one session conducted up to four days a week with a coach. For the individual who cannot train during our published hours, the Personal Training option may be the best starting place. The coaching you will receive is tailored exactly to your goals and needs, on days and times that work for you and one of our coaches. Our Personal Training Sessions cost $60 per hour. For those who book a full month of personal training we offer a 50% discount.

Small Group Instruction is tailored to people who have previous exposure to training through Boot Camps, CrossFit or similar CrossTraining programs, or a background in competitive sport, and desire highly individualized attention. Small Group Instruction classes max out at 4 students. The Instructional Class runs in month-long “Terms” focused on developing your technique and capacity in a particular range of fitness skills, based on your goals. Our Instructional Class costs $240 per month. If you commit to the full year you receive a 20% discount. If you commit to a full year and pay for a year-in-full you receive a 35% discount.

Group Training is for individuals who demonstrate competency in technique and capacity in a host of fitness skills, and have impeccable dedication to training. Group Training involves less individual technique coaching than either Personal Training or Instructional Classes, but places a sharper focus on goal setting, performance mindset, and training with like-minded individuals. Students who elect Group Training will receive a 12 week, 24 week, or 48 week program. A 12 week block of instruction is $600.00 ($200.00 per month). A 24 week block of instruction is $960.00 ($160.00 per month). A 48 week block of instruction is $1680.00 ($140.00 per month). 48 week members receive the balance of the year for free. Athletes in a Group Training Program can elect to participate in a Term of Small Group Instruction for $20.00 per term.

Train Remotely

We offer remote training in two varieties: remote coaching and remote programing.

For athletes seeking remote coaching we charge the same rate as members in our Small Group Instructional classes. Folks interested in remote coaching should EMAIL US to set-up a consultation session (via phone or Skype). After your consultation you will perform the standard Adult Academy, #NoFilterFitness assessment and submit videos for coaching review. We will then craft a personalized program to help you achieve your goals. You will submit videos weekly for review of your movements for coaching feedback.

Athletes looking for Remote Programing can visit our SHOP and purchase a one month programing option. Monthly programing is $50.00 per month. After your purchase you will receive an email from one of our coaches asking you to provide details about your equipment access, goals, and baseline numbers. You will perform an assessment and we will build your program from there. Remote Programing Athletes can elect to have form videos reviewed for $20.00 per session if they are looking for technique instruction or correction.

Our Remote clients’ program is delivered via the same fitness prescription and tracking software we use for our in-person clients. This allows your program to be tailored by your coach and updated based on your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I need to take a break/get hurt/want a refund?”

People get hurt. People get pregnant. People move. In short, we know real life happens. If something happens that will prevent you from training you can suspend your membership where you are for up to 12 weeks in any one-year period. At the end of 12 weeks your membership will resume whether you have returned to training or not. There are no refunds – if you are not prepared for a long term commitment that’s okay, we have shorter term options.

“Can I start tomorrow?”
Is tomorrow Tuesday? If the answer is yes, then yes you can. Assessment Week is scheduled with one of our coaches at a time that works for you and meets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 60 minutes. During the course of the assessment we will evaluate your fitness skill, develop a sense of your goals, and discuss class options that work for you.

If tomorrow isn’t Tuesday and you absolutely have to start tomorrow email us and we can discuss options for conducting that assessment as four personal training sessions for $80.00.

“What times are classes?”

Class times are (currently) limited. We currently have a 4:30am Class (FULL – not accepting members), and a 6am Class and 7am Class, as well as a 4:30pm and a 6pm Class. Saturday Classes all meet in the morning.

“What if I can’t make it to class?”

Then you miss out on training for the day. Your program is your program. If you can’t train one day you pick up where you left off the next day you are there. You CANNOT fall behind or miss a workout because you are woking on an individualized program. We do recommend that your program be designed with your attendance in mind. Four days per week is the MAXIMUM we recommend training – your program can be built around fewer days per week.

I heard you guys don’t allow music. F’Real?!”
That is mostly true. Our Group Training and Small Group Instruction classes operate on the rule “No Music – Life Doesn’t Have a Soundtrack.” There is a lot more focus on talking with your training partners, having deeper conversations about the work, and learning to operate at a peak level without the external motivator. Occasionally there might be a symphony on in the background however, or Caddyshack.

If you have any other questions or want to register for the assessment class shoot us a message at AdultAcad@gmail.com